Deep cleansing of body and mind: Completely transform yourself - 

We will support  you every step of the way while you learn to incorporate new healthy habits into you life forever.



Whats it all about?

This detox is your way into a new experience in healthy living. Its a new way of thinking about food and it will reawaken your taste buds to appreciate the flavours in fresh organic foods which are full to the brim in nutrients.

Really easy to follow recipes are included which will take the stress out of what and how to make meals interesting.

These 10 day are a time for you to give your life an overview and allow fresh energy to dance through your cells removing toxins from the liver helping it work efficiently, literally rebuilding your cell walls to do what they were meant to do and not spend their time trying to keep out toxic substances.

Within a few days you will notice the difference in your mood, skin texture, sleep patterns, energy levels, tolerance levels, stamina, hair, nails, menstruation, eye sight, sinuses, joint mobility, flexibility, cravings disappear, digestive system works efficiently( bowels move regularly), rashes ease, no bloated abdomen, clear chest, no wheezing, waking refreshed and before alarm and your awareness will be heightened, both of yourself and your surroundings    













This detox is to cleanse your body of foods that are causing illness and stopping you from truly living! It is full of healthy foods;




We will meet everyone on the day before you begin @ 6.30pm with organic farmer  and health shop owner on hand to sell you the produce you will need to begin and full instruction sheets for the entire detox.

 Work sheets are easy to follow with foods to be taken each day, with actual recipes for each meal.


 We meet each evening( Monday - Friday) 6.30pm-8pm and each Saturday & Sunday 5pm-6.30pm 


 We meet to ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT, INFORM, GUIDE, and also we provide the following;

YOGA-Movements to awaken the body and encourage digestive and lymphatic system harmony

BREATHWORK- Conscious breathing to strengthen diaphragm &  gently massage internal organs

RELAXATION- To sooth the nervous system , release old beliefs and allow the mind and body to let go of control.  

ABDOMINAL MASSAGE- To strengthen muscle in abdomen, to aid in the release of toxins from intestines and bowel  

ACUPUNCTURE- To harmonise the systems and balance yin/yang of the organs, to bring about a smooth efficient flow of energy to body and mind.



COST 4DAY €200





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How long will effects last?

 They will last forever, if you want???

This is a new way of living at your service, it will require changing old habits, belief systems with new fresh habits and new belief systems about yourself and your health.

 If you embrace this time and begin to listen to your own bodies needs your change to a better life will be smooth sailing and if you have patience and change a few things at a time it will be more rewarding.

It is so much fun cleansing your body and believe me when you feel the happiness, the infinite supply of happiness moving from within it will be easier to change old habits into new exciting ones.

I often advise you guys to change softly and with love and after the detox to keep 2 days in your week for your old habits and allow your new habits to occupy the other 5 days. And if this starts the opposite way round that's ok, hey, either way its moving in a positive direction.

We introduce healthy grains, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, brown rice and lentils and for some people this can take a little time.

Someone once asked me 

 "How do you stick to this diet?!

"This is not a diet, its a way of life for me now and when I began to feel the benefits of fresh foods and juices not only in my system but its impact on my entire life, I could never go back to poisoning myself again, that's just cruel,(I know,I tried to go back several times but never felt good or happy) you really have to wipe the slate clean and re-educate yourself and most of all change your attitude about food and about health, its in your hands'.