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10 DAY DETOX, More Info...

 To clear the body of additives (salts, sugars, all additives and preservatives) and reawaken the taste buds also to decrease or eliminate the need or craving for additives.

This will be done on the first 3 days of detox as you eliminate all additives. This can be a time of discomfort while the body is letting go of built up toxins and old faecal matter. The abdominal massages, yoga, breathwork and acupuncture will ease this greatly.

As the days go by your body will change quite quickly, we will help you recognise these changes and also give you loads of tips to continue doing good for your body. A healthy gut is a healthy mind.

We then embark on some juicing days (juicer needed)... to give the digestive system a good rest and time to repair and rebuild.

Each day we will get together at 6.30 pm and you will have abdominal massage, acupuncture, breath work to internally massage organs and quieten the mind, yoga to encourage efficient digestion and encourage elimination, to open the joints, the heart and quieten the mind!

More info;

If you decide to do the detox, it is important that you know why you are doing it?, what do you want to achieve?, are your goals realistic?, are you willing to change?, are you doing it for yourself?

 This detox is really an amazing time where you learn about yourself, your attachments to foods,old belief systems, habits. If you are willing to change just a little then come on board. We are on call to support you and all the therapists have themselves been through several detoxes and are well aware of what you may be experiencing.

When you make the decision to do this be open to learning lots of new and exciting information about foods, about digestion, about stress, about repetitive habits, about benefits of breathing, about gentle movements to open energy channels, about reawakening your taste buds.

 Change can often feel like your alienating yourself from the group of friends, family, colleagues but change will open you mind release the stagnation in your life and allow you to actually live life happily!! 



Energy Enhancing Massage: Two therapists, detox price €45 (usual price €75)

Reflexology: One therapist, detox price €36 (usual price €60)

Body Scrub: Two therapists, detox price €42 (usual price €70)
Cranio Sacral Therapy: One therapist,  detox price €36 (usual price €60)
Full Body massage: One therapist,  detox price €39 (usual price €65)
Indian Head Massage: One therapist, detox price €24 (usual price €40) 
Reiki: One therapists, detox price €22 ( usual price €55)