DETOX 2015

4 Day Detox
(4 day healthy living workshop)
SUMMER /AUTUMN DETOX date to be announced 


Why should I do it?

This short detox will help you get started to becoming healthier and more alive. Wake up feeling refreshed and have a steady flow of energy for the entire day.

Learn about foods that give you a buzz and enthusiasm for living and allow the draining foods to go. Become aware of your body/mind relationship!



Option one 4DAY


 Option two 8DAY   

We meet the day before: Thursday evening @ 6.30pm to buy food from organic farmer, dry goods from health store, collect manual & listen to informative talk. We meet 6.30pm weekdays and 5pm Saturday and Sunday 

(In Lord Edward Guesthouse, Kildare town.)







Remove the clutter from your mind and your body and start living your life.

Contact Edel Swords:
086 2452352


How much does it cost?

OPTION ONE € 200 (4 day)

OPTION TWO - €350(8 day) 

This includes:

  • Manual with step by step guidance 
  • All evening meets 
  • Continual support and information
  • Informative talk the day before
  • Possibility to avail of special offers on treatments

*40% OFF

Energy Enhancing Massage: detox price €50 (usual price €85) two therapists

Reflexology: detox price €36 (usual price €60) one therapist

Full Body Massage; 1 therapist detox price €42 (usual price €70)








We meet each evening 6.30pm -8pm to ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT, INFORM, GUIDE, and also we provide the following;

YOGA-Movements to awaken the body and encourage digestive and lymphatic system harmony

BREATHWORK- Conscious breathing to strengthen diaphragm &  gently massage internal organs

RELAXATION- To sooth the nervous system , release old beliefs and allow the mind and body to let go of control.  

ABDOMINAL MASSAGE- To strengthen muscle in abdomen, to aid in the release of toxins from intestines and bowel  

ACUPUNCTURE- To harmonise the systems and balance yin/yang of the organs, to bring about a smooth efficient flow of energy to body and mind.