Awakening the Heart Energy



 Over view of Day


A peaceful day to reflect, allow the truth to emerge and give permission to the body to let go of what may be holding it back from being truly open to receiving love and giving love all the time

A day to give totally to yourself

With openness and love we will let go of old and enter into a space of stillness, a place of peace and all important a place of true happiness

What will we do on the day?

We will meet, greet, and recognise the quiet

We will experience several guided meditations to suit the group
Hold a healing circle
Chant beautiful mantras
Move to our own rhythm
Feel our own energy circulating inwards and outwards
Open up and let go of something if the time is right for you
Learn how to listen to another persons' story and feel where that resonates in your heart or soul


Price - 80 euro
Please pay in full 1 week before to ensure your place
Venue - Lord Edward Guest house, Silken Thomas, Kildare Town
Date- Not available at this time
Time- 10am -4.30pm
Lunch- 1 hour
Tea/coffee snacks provided
Contact Edel 00353 86 2452352