Awareness Workshop
                                                          with Edel Swords

TO be arranged
10am -12.30pm
Educate Together School
Kildare Town

Awareness of self through simple, easy to grasp methods of breathing, gentle movement,listening, feeling, observing and chanting.

These life skills will heal the physical, emotional and 
mental body of pain, anxiety, disease and stress with practice.

Our time together will be spent  exploring the layers that lie beneath the thinking mind, bringing us continuously into the present moment, 
the now. we will discover the flow of energy in our bodies, we will also become aware of the observer self. The self that is not the mind or the body 
In doing this we may become aware of our vibration which connects us to everything.

What to bring, what to wear
A yoga mat
Comfortable clothing, either fitted or loose
A throw or blanket
Cost -25euro
Places must be booked beforehand
Call Edel on 0862452362

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