Meditation/Chanting the Chakras (new)

No date confirmed at this time


Fun way to meditate ,we begin by connecting with pachamama (mother earth) with bongo drums and bodhrans.

Each week we will chant a different chakra vibration( from root to third eye) and learn a little about  how the chakras actually effect our physical lives. When we chant on the weeks chakra we then move to our familiar chants that we will do each week to allow you to feel the changes that occur in the body and the mind.

This leads us to the guided breath work (pranayama) to become even more aware and present and encourage conscious breathing.

Then the body is ready for stillness, first a guided meditation, then a silent one to finish.

A great feeling of peace and love can be experienced.

It is completely beginner friendly and we welcome everyone


Very important to state that no experience is necessary for drumming or chanting,











Dates: No dates confirmed at this time


Venue: Lord Edward guesthouse at Silken Thomas, Kildare town.

Price: €100 for 6 weeks, drop in for one night  €18 

Contact: Edel Swords

Dress in loose clothing to ensure comfort

Bring a blanket

Socks can be worn

Mala beads can be used