Conscious Breathing, Chakra Yoga & Meditation

Working on a deeper level with the 7 Chakras

One Day Workshop 

with Edel Swords


Breathe deep to release stagnation, and learn to breathe with a smile.

Open your mind and body. Learn to let go and allow meditation take you into the depths of your own beauty


{  Gentle movement and pranayama (breathwork)

{ Guided Meditation to relax you and awaken your subtle energies.

{ We will chant OM the highest vibration to experience an awakening of the Nadis

{ We learn how each Chakra affects different areas of the body, physically, mentally and emotionally.

{ We will hold Mudras, use the sound vibration and do breath work on each Chakra.

{ We end with a Guided Meditation and Medicine cards

Date : Depending on demand, please enquire for details.

Cost :  €100

Time :  10am to 4.30pm

Deposit : €20 to secure your place.

Book early : only 10 places available.

Contact Edel : 086 245 2352

On the day:

Dress comfortably, leggings or tracky bottoms and loose top.

Bring yoga mat and blanket and socks.

Snacks, tea, coffee and water will be provided.

I look forward to meeting you!

Namaste, Edel