Reiki level 1 (Master Usui Tradition)

Allow your subtle energy to become heightened promoting deep healing within your own body
 and mind.        
A beautiful scene on my walk on mount Karuma Japan
 This is a beautiful weekend to connect with the subtle energy of Reiki level 1
Reiki pronounced Rei (ray) ki (key)
This subtle healing energy has been passed to people from MASTER USUI and it is this tradition that we teach
It consists of two days where you will get the chance to see your surroundings in a new light, to take a step back from your own life and see what's working for you and what may be holding you back from your true potential
We begin to pay attention to the gentle energy that is flowing around us and through us
We will take time to sit quietly and meditate on our guides and
over the 2 day you will be attuned to the Reiki Energy during 4 different attunements

  Mount Karuma
What we Do each Day
Master Usui
We will attune you to the Reiki energy over the 2 days
Ursula will bring you on a meditative journey to quieten the mind and bring peace
She will help you connect with your spirit guides 
You will be taught the principles of Reiki
Learn to feel the energy within you and by the end of the weekend you will be allow the energy to flow through you to aid the healing process of another
Reiki level one is used for your own healing and for the healing of your close friends and family
Practical Information
Traditional Japanese girls in Kyoto Japan 
Date TBA
 Please call Ursula if interested and she will happily discuss this course with you.

Price     220euro
 Time    10am -4.30pm
Contact     Ursula Hannigan
                                                                        085 731 4126                         
Please book your place and secure with payment one week before course  
Ursula Hannigan ( Reiki Master/Teacher) will host both days. Ursula is dedicated to the Reiki energy and incorporates it into every aspect of her life.
What you need to do for the day
Dress comfortably and bring socks as we remove shoes
We will provide tea, coffee, snacks and water and you will be given an hour to go out for lunch or bring a packed lunch if you wish