"Just a short note of gratitude and thanks to you, Claire and Ursula for giving me the very best gift ever. Having completed the four day detox for the second time, I feel alive and have a great sense of gratitude for myself. It may seem a selfish thing to say but feel differently, think differently and function differently now. I am conscious of what I eat, say and act not just in the physical sense but in the mindful way too. I enjoy each piece of food so much more (even the odd treat). My taste buds have changed, my sense of smell has changed. For someone who used to drink at least 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day, I am now totally caffeine free since November last and love my Organic teas from nettle to mint and lime. 
The detox was not difficult at all, you had everything very well planned from menus, ingredients and daily food plan, it was very easy to follow. I  enjoyed immensely the evenings when we met as a group for meditation, yoga and relaxation. I have never done any Yoga before and cannot believe how much I enjoyed the small bit we did. For a novice it was liberating. This is what I miss most and plan to take it up very soon, in the hope that I will someday touch my toes!!
Thank you again Edel, for your inspiration, love, and teaching me how to appreciate myself and who I am, I am very grateful for that.
I wish you well and send you blessings of abundance, gratitude, prosperity and love".
Karen (February 2014)



"I recently took part in a four day detox with the very knowledgeable Edel Swords .. Kildare holistic centre.
I really enjoyed all the dishes, and I was introduced to some new foods I normally wouldn't eat.
It was great to go vegetarian with no wheat or dairy and gluten free.
It was the second detox I did this year with Edel , having taken part in the ten day detox in May .
Not only did I enjoy the food but also the yoga every evening along with the acupuncture and massage. Also by meeting every evening  is a great support as everyone there is going through the same as me.
It has changed the way I think of food and also the way I cook. I just love my stir-fry's now when I cook with coconut oil.
I have learned so much from these two detoxes .
The detox in May introduced me to juicing.
Thank you so much Edel for all your advise and for always being on the other end of the phone,
Love and light... Noreen xxx
Ps... Did I mention the weight loss.. I lost 8lbs in May and I lost 5lbs in November."
Noreen x (November 2013)
 I found the four day detox is a detox for the mind, body and soul! From start to end you are surrounded by organic fresh food that makes you come alive.. The support and knowledge that edel gives is truly incredible, not for a sec do you feel unsupported.. She is on call 24/7 to answer any inquiries I had.   I found it such a precious time to give back to myself... From the acupucture and Colon massage to the yoga and meditation.. It was pure gift I was giving my body..
I will be treating myself very regularly..
Thank you edel for opening my eyes to a new and exciting organic way of living. 
Claire  xxxx (Oct, Nov 2013)


"I recently completed a four-day detox with Edel Swords from Holistic Centre in Kildare Town. I would actually highly recommend it!!   Surprisingly I enjoyed it. Now, it was tough but completely contradictory to what I was expecting. Being a lover of organic foods, salads, grains and of health food in general I found the food part very easy, very tasty and quick and easy to prepare, very enjoyable to eat and how great your stomach felt afterwards, no bloating or feeling of having consumed too much and no “wind”. I was never hungry and I loved all the recipes which Edel had meticulously arranged (all her very own recipes I must mention, …cook book in the making maybe,,,,)   for us and all the tips to go with the cooking instructions and I have to say the “juiced Green’s” for lunch on Day four was very refreshing and very tasty. Just like one you would get in a juice bar nowadays except you knew it was all organic. I was very surprised with the way I had withdrawal symptom’s, probably for the many  cups of tea I usually consume, and a few aches and pains but this we were assured was normal and thankfully with the lovely treatments we received daily from Edel and her team consisting of  Ursula & Claire this was all eased away. We had acupuncture and abdominal massage each evening. Plus the yoga last thing every evening was just heaven. Felt great afterwards and effects on skin and hair visibly noticeable. It was an education to say the least and what I learned I intend to implement into my daily and weekly eating habits from now on. Plus I will be attending her cooking demos soon to learn how to cook her many recipes. Well done to all the girls who completed with me and thanks to Edel & Team."


Mairead  (November 2013)


"When I started my first detox I really had no idea what to expect!  Edel gathers the group together the evening before the detox starts!  She gives a detail talk on how the detox works and the benefits it will have on your body and mind, just when you think you are ready to good home you are presented with the most wonderful box of organic vegetables and the DIY information on how to cook them. With my box of veg I head home and think what have I taken on?  Night one we all meet as a group again and the support begins with adominal massage and acupuncture & yoga for that hour and a half every evening it is all about you.  Heaven!!!  As the day's pass I noticed brighter eye's better skin!  And a mind free from cluttered thoughts. Oh yes, I felt a lot leaner ;-) so it was a win win for me. That of course was my first experience,  I should mention I have completed about 4 since then, WONDERFUL."
 Ursula (First detox August 2011)