Breath, relax, build self awareness, become self accepting, improve flexibility..... Allow Peace & Calm into your Body & Mind!
Classes on Tuesday evening's, places must be booked.
VENUE  Educate Together School, kildare Town.

Why Yoga?
This ancient form of moving meditation allows you to get to know you own body and mind. The postures(asanas) help us discover how our bodies can move and open into positions whereby we connect with our higher selves. This can take minutes or years, it's a different experience for everyone.
 We find that a tight muscle can be holding more than physical rigidity. Inflexibility in the body will spill over to the mind, By opening and recognising our blocks our bodies will release on all levels. Through movement incorporated with breath everything will change. 
 No two yogis are the same and that's why I love teaching, everyone's flexibility, fears & opinions are different and important to them,everyone's reason for taking a class is personal. I don't need to know why your coming, I'm just there to guide and support. Albeit I do need to know if you are carrying any injury or recovering from illness


Please call Edel to book place
086 2452352  

Tuesday evenings 
7pm - 8.30pm
Cost €60
for 4 weeks course

If you are interested and can't make this course please text
your name and number to Edel and she will add you to the reminder  list
086 2452352

Contact Edel for more details.
Please book in advance, Namaste!
086  245 23 52

What happens each week?
You guys determine each class,  I remain present.
Each class consists of a nice flow incorporating the breath so we learn to move the body, only through the flow of breath. I invite  you to become aware of your connection to life itself through the elements, EARTH, AIR, WATER,FIRE AND SPACE. We release the heaviness of the day, chant a mantra to further release the heaviness or burdens that a busy mind can be holding.
When the class want to go deeper we go into deeper moves, always listening to our own body for guidance. This is a great opportunity to go deeper  into posture or you could fall flat and have a laugh, either works for me.
 We finish each session in  savasana(relaxation pose) with a guided relaxation, visualisation, or listening and absorbing  a chant .
Each class offers you the opportunity to raise your vibration. You may be ready or you might not be.
Enjoy your experience