8 Day Yoga Challenge

Challenge yourself to 15 Yoga classes in 8 days or

make up your own challenge within these dates!

Patiently waiting for premises to facilitate our needs

Awaken your truth, free your mind, let go, allow movement, open your heart, find stillness, experience peace, free your true essence.


Classes Schedule

Each class will last 90minutes.

Sunday  – 10am & 5pm

Monday – 10am & 7pm

Tuesday – 10am & 7pm

Wednesday -10am & 7pm

Thursday -10am & 7pm

Friday – 10am & 7pm

Saturday -10am & 5pm

Sunday - 10am Finish Line!!

Special offers for participants:

SOOTHING MASSAGE for €42 (usual price €60) .  That's 30% off.  

REFLEXOLOGY for €42 (usual price €60). That's 30% off.       




Each class will consist of

Asana practice (postures), moving into each posture with the breath and learning to listen to where you body is willing to take you in the posture , knowing when you are pushing too hard and recognising when you are holding back.
Yin Yoga to open heart and hips,
Chanting to deepen your awareness. 
Pranayama (breathwork), learning the beauty of the breath, recognising its ebb and flow and opening to a deeper awareness of self.
Guided meditation/relaxation to close each session, finding the calm and quiet and observing the body in this place.


Bring a mat if you have one. Bring a blanket for Yin Yoga and relaxation

All levels are welcome from never been on a yoga mat to those who practice daily. A yogic space will be provided for you to open at your own pace.


Payment Options

Sign up for full challenge €120. All classes are available to you

Sign up for mornings only €80. All morning classes available to you

Sign up for evenings only €80. All evening classes available to you

Sign up for 5 random classes €65. All 5 classes to be chosen before challenge

Choose a different option and we will price it for you!


Venue: Lord Edward guesthouse, Kildare town.

Please book and pay in advance. Places are limited. 

Edel 086 2452352